Whetstone Farm Pet Care is a privately owned and operated business in rural Buckingham County.  Whetstone Farm Pet Care is fully heated and air-conditioned. There are ceiling fans throughout to assure comfortable air circulation.  Our new facility offers your pet(s) a loving, caring, home-like atmosphere.  While you are away, your pet(s) will enjoy being part of our family.
All dogs have an indoor, private area for resting and sleeping.  There is an outdoor play area and an indoor play area.  Our farm has great places for walks to explore the outdoors.  Because we are a small, family  business, there is lots of time for petting and tummy rubs. 
Our cattery is a bright room with windows for bird watching.  Cats stay in a special kitty play pen with layers for stretching and jumping. All kitties receive lots of care and attention.  Gingham curtains, an Oriental-style rug, soft music, and cat decorations make this a purr-fect kitty retreat.